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Porch Remodel
Mike Binder - Designer
Washington DC
This was an upgrade to an existing (original) aluminum canopy built on top of a brick knee-wall and with a painted concrete slab for a floor. The slab was level with the driveway and during heavy rains, the porch was often flooded.

Washington DC was built on a swamp, and mosquitoes can be ravenous from May through October, making the porch mostly unusable as a place to hang out. The client wanted to screen the porch in and make it more of an outdoor room, but without changing the footprint of the porch. We added lighting and ceiling fans, and a bluestone floor built up to exclude water in havy rains.

The client also wanted to create a more formal relationship between the porch and the landscape of the backyard. We added stone steps, pavers and a pergola to create a path and gateway connecting the lawn, drive, side garden and porch/house.

The site plan image shows the intent of the design, though not all of the landscape depicted there was actally implemented.
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