Underwood Residence
Meditch Murphey Architects : J.Murphey & M.Meditch - Principle Architects
Lael Taylor - Project Architect (for MMA)
We contributed to the development of this project through the Construction Documents phase.

Most of the walls are framed with TJIs (engineered wood joists) turned vertically to serve as studs. This conserves virgin dimensional lumber and reduces thermal bridging in the walls. The walls are over 9" thick, with 2" of spray foam insulation to create a tight air-seal, followed by R-26 batt insulation (a total of over R-38 in the exterior walls).The house has a geothermal heating and cooling system (radiant floor heating and force air cooling), as well as an energy recovery ventilator. The roof includes a rooftop garden (not just a green roof, but an actual vegetable garden) and solar array. Rainwater is collected in a cistern for irrigation.

Everything about this design required careful coordination of the structure, envelope, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. There is plenty of interior space, light and air, but no fat in this project.
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