LEAFHouse - U.S. DOE 2007 Solar Decathlon 2nd Place Winner
Contributor - University of Maryland Team Member
LEAF is a symbol of nature's ability to convert sunlight into useful storable energy for the world's ecosystem. Drawing on this for inspiration, LEAF was also a acronym for Leading Everyone to an Abundant Future; sustainable design should be built on joyful experience of nature's bounty, not on a message of scarcity. Responsible environmental stewardship and technological innovation should make it possible to provide everyone on the planet (human and non-human) with a comfortable lifestyle. LEAFHouse was dedicated to that vision.

LEAFHouse was 100% solar powered (including a battery bank required by the competition), employed a radiant floor heating system backed up by two mini-split heat pumps, provided ample interior daylight, opportunities for natural ventilation, and showcased a variety of sustainable materials and energy-efficient appliances.

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