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Neighborhood Solar Regeneration Center (Unbuilt)
Master of Architecture Thesis Project
The official title of the thesis was "Integrating Sustainable Infrastructure at a Neigborhood Scale".It was an exploration of how energy generation, wastewater and stormwater management could be decentralized and used to enrich an urban neighborhood (in NW Washington DC).One challenge was to implement solar technologies, constructed wetlands and other sustainable infrastructure elements in a way that respected the urban fabric and architectural forms of the existing city.

In the final design, constructed wetlands and 'living machines' defined axes that helped organize the hierarchy of other elements in the community. They acted as attractors, landmarks, view corridors, social and recreational amenities.

This project won the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation's Thesis Prize for December 2006, and subsequently received an AIA Certificate for Excellence in Education.
LEAFHouse 2007
Solar House 2005
Edgewater Residence
Bethesda Zero
Underwood Residence
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CERN - Quarks and such
NASA - Rockets & Jets
Urban Permaculture
Green Kitchen Remodel
Porch Remodel