Who really wants a sustainable lifestyle?

Sustainability has become the hot buzzword in design and construction. But as one of the gurus of eco-effective design, William McDonough, once asked - who wants a life that is just 'sustainable'? We share the belief that we CAN do better, creating an lifestyle defined by abundance without destroying our environment or economy in the process.

In Scouting, the rule when you break camp is to leave the site cleaner and healthier than how you find it. Wouldn't it be nice if we left our descendents a world that was better than we found it: healthier, happier, richer, smarter, fairer? What if everything we designed, built and used not only satisfied our current needs and desires, but improved the environment as well?

This vision is possible if we turn our intellects and energies to the development and application of technologies that eliminate the concept of waste in energy, water and materials.

One path to that goal is what we will call INTEGRATED REGENERATIVE DESIGN, and it is the basis of our practice.
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