Consulting Services
We can also provide consulting services to other design professionals including architects, engineers and landscape architects.  We pride ourselves on being effective team players.
Just a few roles we can play are as follows:
Energy Analysis
We can create an energy model of your building using the U.S. DOE EnergyPlus software and help you use it to explore options, identify the most effective insulation and equipment strategies, and more.  We can help you integrate the results with the rest of your design and decision-making process.

Site Analysis
Using plans and walking the building site, we can help you identify opportunities to exploit local resources of sunlight, wind, water, landscape and topography.  These considerations often play an important role in the placement and orientation of the building and other site elements.  We can help you assess options for solar and wind power as well.
Material and Equipment Selection
There are many choices to make on any project, and the research required to pick the right materials, appliances, light fixtures and other components can be overwhelming.  We can help you find the best balance of price, aesthetics and performance. 
LEED and Other Rating Systems
Getting your project certified under programs like LEED, NAHB GreenBuilt and the Living Building Challenge requires significant research and 'bean-counting' work.  We can help you through the process and suggest design alternatives to help  improve your project's certification level.