Renovations & Additions
Sometimes starting from scratch is not the best option, even when it is an option at all.  We can help you upgrade an existing home or commercial space, as well as  building additions.  And of course, reusing an existing building can be a very 'green choice'.
Improving the spaces and flow
Making spaces bigger or more intimate, adding light and air, changing the way you move through spaces - we can help you reshape your environment.  We can help you add new spaces that work seamlessly with the existing building as well.  Our services include planning and visualization, selection of  materials and appliances, equipment specification, preparation of all required drawings, assistance with bidding and contractor selection, and monitoring during  the construction phase.

New cabinets, finish materials and appliances can make a space feel like new.  We can help you select materials that are beautiful and good for the environment.  Of course, we can also help you visualize the final results and prepare the drawings you need to get the job done right. 
Improving the performance
In addition to making the spaces work better and selecting finishes, we can also help you improve the performance of your existing dwelling or commercial building. Changes like these will make the building more comfortable and save on your utility bills for many years to come. Opportunities include adding insulation, replacing windows and doors, updating mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment, and adding solar panels to name a few. All of this has to be done carefully, however. Insulation in the wrong place can actually damage the building, for instance. Windows and doors should be selected with sensitivity to the architecture. An Architect provides a lot of value in a project like this.
A green kitchen remodel we designed and managed. Here's the old kitchen w/ melamine cabinets, laminate counters and vinyl flooring.
All appliances and cabinets were salvaged and donated.
The new kitchen: FSC maple cabinets, FSC engineered hardwood floors, recycled glass tile backsplash, energy-efficient appliances and LED undercabinet lighting.