New Construction Design Services
Starting with a clean slate generally provides the most flexibility for creating an integrated design. Whether it is a single-family home, an apartment complex, office building or whatever else you are planning, we can help you build a high-performance project that is comfortable, healthy and beautiful.

Building on an Undeveloped Site - Restoring Natural Balance 
Construction of any building on a previously undeveloped site (farm land, forest, etc.) will disturb the local ecosystem; there is almost no way to avoid that. By studying the site before construction begins and understanding its relationship to the larger ecosystem, however, we can create a new healthy balance with nature and avoid disruptions to the environment beyond the property line. This can often help calm concerns within the community and government regulatory agencies over the impact of new development, facilitating the permit approval process.

Building on a Previously Developed Site
Building in an established neighborhood brings its own set of challenges.  Maybe your project is the first truly green building in the area and your neighbors are concerned about how it will fit in.  We can help you create a design that respects the context of the existing community while building something that is also new, unique and exciting.  We can create presentations to change the paradigm of development in your area and turn resistance into support. 
Waste Not...
If there is an existing  building on the site that needs to be removed, we can help you manage its deconstruction, recycling or reuse of materials.
Credit Where Credit is Due
Building something that meets your needs and improves the community are the ultimate goals in most projects, but it doesn't hurt to get some recognition.  We can help your project certification under LEED, Energy Star, NAHB Green Building, and the Living Building Challenge programs.  The AIA and various national publications also like to recognize cutting edge green designs.
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