What is Regenerative Design?
The goal of Regenerative Design is for all materials and energies absorbed or generated by the system to be recycled in a way which enriches the system further, making it better.  The concept of waste is eliminated.  Sustainability as it is currently practiced is focused on minimizing what we use.  By contrast, nature does not necessarily aim to use less, but to use everything (including waste) to make more resources.
How can we begin creating a regenerative society?
This approach shares many characteristics and methods with the field of permaculture, which is relatively new, but which draws on centuries of indigenous knowledge.
A change this profound will not happen overnight, but we can get the ball rolling.  We can design our systems to evolve as better products and processes become available (fostering these improvements as well).  In the beginning, our designs may only perform as well as the best 'sustainable' designs do, but in time, we can achieve so much more by thinking regeneratively.
In addition to helping you create a safe, comfortable and beautiful project, we provide the expertise and perform the research needed to realize the design goals stated above.