Project Evolution & the Design Process
Defining your goals - The most important goal for any project is that you, the client, gets a design that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.  The regenerative design goals we set for the project should only enhance your level of comfort and enjoyment of the end product.
Getting to know you - We begin, therefore, working together to gain a clear understanding of how you will use the building.  What are your living and working habits and how can the design support and enhance your lifestyle?  We examine examples of other designs you admire, and through pictures and words encourage you to paint scenes that represent your ideal environment.  We walk the site or existing building together and imagine what it can become.  And, of course, we need to understand your budget and schedule constraints.
Getting it down on paper - After getting to know you and your goals  for the project, we go to work creating  alternative designs for your feedback.  We also start assembling and researching information about materials and components that meet your goals and support a 'regenerative' lifestyle or workplace.  
Getting it DONE - Of course, creating the design is only the beginning.  We will also help you get your exciting new design approved by the local permitting authority.  We can help you get bids and select a contractor, and  will work with them during the construction to resolve any questions or conflicts that may arise. 
Following up - After the project is finished and  you have moved in, we can help you monitor and optimize the performance of your new spaces, including management of energy, water, lighting and ventilation, recycling and waste.