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  • Reclaiming American Independence

    AmericanRenaissaceAmericans pride themselves on being fiercely independent. We have spent the better part of the last 200 years fighting to keep the Government (first the British, then our own) out of our personal lives. Over the past 100 years or so, however, we have been giving up more and more control to others for the sake of convenience.

    Our food is grown by someone else (usually on a factory farm) and driven cross country to the store. Power to provide light and other services is generated for us by the utility company. The utility company, in turn, relies on gas or coal provided by other companies. Our water is taken from distant rivers or lakes or aquifers and treated with chemicals in a large industrial plant before being pumped to our houses. Waste disappears into the sewer or the garbage truck and goes… well… SOMEplace. The fact is that most of us have no IDEA where our food, water or power come from and where our waste goes. We are generally not encouraged to find out.  Most of us can no longer fend for ourselves, but must pay others to do it.

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